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Hello and welcome to this simple 'index' into Steve Saylor's video creations that support his campaign platform -
Update 29mar20 - Coronavirus crisis - on the subject of Transition to a post-capitalist system please listen to what Jacque Fresco has to say  -
Update 27mar20 - Coronavirus crisis - for global awareness of what a post-capitalist system should look - stay informed about the Strike -
My name is David Winter, one of many people who have a tremendous admiration for Steve, his approach, and tireless effort in taking concepts related to capitalism's failings and re-framing them in entertaining 'parody' format for 'easy to digest' and at times highly amusing viewing.
Concepts taken from a wide distribution of people and organizations active in promoting socioeconomic systems that can replace capitalism. The failings of capitalism he describes very well in his videos. I have put this site together as a simple contribution to help bring these ideas for a 'better economic system' to the world.
A list of organisations with links to their online presence appears on this site under branch 'Change Makers / Who's Who in RBE' and in the global awareness counting tool here -  
He is in the running for the USA Presidential Elections that are due in November 2020. This brings an opportunity to have serious issues from capitalism raised as 'thorns in the side' of mainstream 'conventional' politicians, whose primary motivation is gaining power. A poor second to real world issues that simply are not being addressed (because they cannot be solved!) in the current system.
The site is a map of Steve's videos. It is a 'branching' structure of topics and each 'end branch' is a video with a brief synopsis of the video and a convenient link to it, plus an indication of how many views, likes, dislikes.  
Anyway, this is not a place for me to vent! it's an index to Steve Saylor's creative works. Please browse, click links, watch his videos, like and subscribe, and let's get his viewing figures from the hundreds and lower thousands into upper hundreds of thousand, before November 2020.
Let's  do this to give him all the credibility from our support that he needs to sit on the same platform as capitalist dinosaurs like Trump, with real issues that he and his fellow political players will have to address.


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A website with list of organisations with links to their online presence. Also appears on this site under branch 'Change Makers / Who's Who in RBE' and in the global awareness.
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